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Historically, there has been a tradition amongst British families for using the same firm of funeral directors whenever someone in the family passes away. In an ideal world the cost of arranging a funeral will be a secondary consideration for the bereaved. However, the fact is that current economic pressures mean it is more important than ever to shop around for the best service at the most affordable prices.

Choosing a funeral director on the basis they're the firm you've always used does not necessarily mean they're the best or the cheapest. In years gone past, there might have been just one or two funeral directors serving your local area. Nowadays however, there is far greater choice in most localities, meaning some huge variations in price. Whatever you pay for a funeral, most funeral directors will treat the deceased with an equal amount of care and respect. So don't pay more than you need to - instead search the Funeral Directors Register today for the most reputable, affordable, and reliable funeral directors in your local area.

Search results marked with the NFFD logo are members of the National Federation of Funeral Directors - the UK's only funeral trade association that is dedicated to funeral cost transparency and pricing fairness. By choosing and NFFD approved funeral director, you can have absolute peace of mind that you will receive services of the very highest quality at prices you CAN afford. All NFFD members are able to offer their customers low-cost finance payment terms on all funerals and funeral related products - enabling those on limited budgets to give a lost loved one their perfect send off.

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