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Claire Drew

Can\'t recommend too highly ...


This is something I’ve been meaning to write for nearly a year. This firm looked after my mother’s cremation after I decided I didn’t want an event that would be attended by just myself, husband and a friend. The circumstances of my mum dying were that she was away from home, difficulties with getting her home, and her sister very ill in hospital. She had expressed her sadness at the same circumstances occurring for a friend and brother-in-law, and that she wouldn’t want that for herself.
My husband found this firm who specialise in arranging none attended funerals. We contacted them about how these are arranged. They came to visit and went through the formalities, and after deliberations we decided to go ahead.
Everything is done on the same formal basis as if people were attending, with flowers and music if requested, the ashes are then returned to your home as quickly as possible. They also brought me a small bouquet of the type of flowers I’d asked for.
My husband and I switched off phones and spent the day doing a favourite drive of my mum’s.
This has left me feeling I celebrated my mum’s life rather than mourning her difficult death.
Very professional and sympathetic service.

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