Trust Cremations Limited

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Gary Nelson

Professional but approachable


I am sure that like many people who are faced with sudden bereavement and the confusion as to where to begin the first place to turn is the Internet . My mother passed away very suddenly and I was left to try and sort out a cremation with limited finance. After a lot of in depth searching I found a cremation only service at a remarkable price but was unsure as to what this entailed and how it could be so much cheaper than the majority of other companies. I contacted Simon who was open, honest, professional and respectful in his answers to my many questions. After thinking about what he had said ,it was decided to go ahead with the cremation only service offered. Simon and Jill provided support and worked behind the scenes so that everything went very smoothly. I certainly have no reservations in recommending Trust Funerals,and I am sure that you will be dealt with in the same considerate,helpful and kind manner that I encountered . Do not be concerned by the moderate pricing structure this is a bona fide company,run by two caring people.

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