Trust Cremations Limited

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Jason cassar

Trusting, caring and very professional.


I searched far and wide for a direct cremation service for my young friend who passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly, local directors had an almost untrustworthy attitude about my friend being Lithuanian with reference payment, I happened upon Simon & Jill from Trust funeral, I was in talks with a few directors but there was something about Trust funerals I found calming, caring and professional, I asked for a quote which was exchanged and I agreed a very minimal fee, I viewed their website which was a reasurance, they conducted themselves beyond the call of duty and kept me informed every step of the way with assurance from the coroner's office of their professional conduct, I spoke to Simon several time throughout the process and was given every reasurance, on returning the cremated remains in an airfreight approved urn supplied by trust funeral as my friend has now been reunited with his homeland, Jill brought me back my friends remains in person along with a beautiful bouquet, This was very unexpected and very gracious. I couldn't thank Simon & Jill Enough. I highly recommend Trust funerals.

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