Trust Cremations Limited

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Suzanne Parnell

Outstanding service


I can’t speak highly enough of Jill and Simon at Trust Funerals. We wanted a ceremony which was a little different and along humanist lines - and definitely no black!!

They both explained what they do very simply, clearly and with a great deal of empathy - which shone through in all their dealings with me at a very traumatic time.

Our ceremony was quite beautiful and Simon and Jill played a big part in that. Myself and my three children took my mum into the chapel on a wheeled bier and it was a very powerful experience. This is just one part of their recommended approach to help personalise the occasion.

In fact all of their approach helps personalise the ceremony. They cut out peripheral things which are just not needed and the end result was a ceremony which was perfect for my mum.

I have no hesitation in recommending Simon and Jill and their approach in this modern world.

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