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Tynedale family funeral directors, so thoughtful and caring


When a family member you love suddenly passes, your in total shock, the pain and heartbreak unbearable, then having to choose someone to arrange their funeral when you feel like you cannot think straight,,,,, wanting nothing but the best send off for him,,,,,, Mark , Jill and all the staff were fantastic, such a friendly, caring , thoughtful team, who showed so much compassion and guided us through the funeral process and what was available….listening carefully to us making sure we were happy with all arrangements,,,, Mark took his time as we talked about John , we told him about the things he liked , we laughed and cried , John was very patriotic and we wanted the st George cross flag draped over his coffin, Mark followed all our and Johns wishes and a beautiful send off was given to John,,,, I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Tynedale family funeral services for all the compassion, kindness and care they showed to us all .

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