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Independent funeral directors working within the community for the community.

Funeral Director in Leicester, Leicestershire.

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Charlotte Graham funeral directors were highly recommended to us. We knew immediately that we had made the right choice. Charlotte showed us an extremely high degree of compassion, professionalism and efficiency. Charlotte first said that she would “take care” of my father whereas other funeral directors spoke of “storing the body”. During a pandemic, everything becomes so much harder, however we needed only a couple of phone calls to Charlotte before everything was arranged. Charlotte went above and beyond in contacting other agencies that could have been left up to us and answered all the questions I had as regards paperwork. We felt reassured that everything was taken care of. Charlotte tailored the service to our needs and we didn’t feel bound to pick something off a pricelist. I can only speak from my experience and would highly recommend Charlotte Graham to anyone.


This is a belated review of the funeral arrangements for my mother. It has taken a while to process. We were recommended Charlotte Graham and what a mistake. Even allowing for the difficulties of pandemic restrictions this year, almost nothing was done without mistakes and it was a miracle that we even got to the crematorium on time or with any of our chosen arrangements. It will be a lasting regret that we chose this funeral director and did not change when we still could. We only ever spoke once with Charlotte herself and there was no personal touch or follow up, even on the day of the funeral itself. Even the hearse was late which led to an unseemly race to the crematorium. It is astonishing that this business exists and it has left a lasting negative memory of what should have been a celebration of my mother's life. This is warning to anyone considering using this funeral director service. We would give no stars if this were possible.




Caroline Pratt says...

As a follow up to my first initial glowing review, I would now update this and advise to avoid Charlotte Graham. She’s lovely until you pay her in full, but thereafter will not be remotely bothered with you or complete her obligations. She was supposed to pay my local council the interment fees for my mother’s ashes and to officiate at the interment service. She told me she’d paid the fees (she hadn’t!!) and then didn’t bother to turn up to conduct the service, leaving me with a graveside of guests and a hole in the ground with no service or any vestige of dignity for my mother’s final departure from this world. Charlotte was uncontactable by phone throughout this highly distressing situation. The next day she finally rang me bright and breezy with no apology as if nothing untoward had occurred at all , simply to advise me to pay the Parish Council fees, which she’d assured me 2 days previously that she’d done. Her excuse upon my confrontation for non attendance???? “I fell asleep with food poisoning”.
I’m not a person who cares for speaking ill of others, it’s not in my nature, but in the interests of protecting the next family she’ll do it to, I feel conscience bound to warn avoidance.

Caroline Pratt says...

Charlotte Graham is an exemplary funeral director from start to finish. Caring, immensely personable and professional. Charlotte relieves the huge burden at a very difficult time and I remain most grateful to her for her personal support at the time of my mother’s passing .

Wonderful service



Liz Milne says...

Charlotte handled both my dad's cremation and them 4 years later my mum's too. Everything was perfect and exactly what I wanted. All my options were explained and I was given time and advice to choose what was best for me. The service from the first call to the last goodbye was more amazing than I had hoped for and I was so grateful. Charlotte is a wonderful lady who genuinely cares about making everything perfect and the service she provides. Thank you for everything, twice!

Rob Abell says...

I had known Charlotte Graham a long time and heard from others that her service was excellent. We used CG&D for my mother-in-law's funeral and only have good things to say about the firm. Nothing was too much trouble and they handled the family with respect and dignity at all stages, every step was explained to us, it is what you need when you have lost someone close. She also recommended the caterer for the wake and that firm was also to the same standard. If anyone ever asks about funeral director's I am more than happy to say what I think and recommend them whole heartedly.

I am a bit shocked a the one star review here, it sounds like a completely different firm in my humble opinion.

Joanne Warren says...

My Mum died in December 2018 and the funeral was held in January 2019. She had already decided she wanted Charlotte to deal with her collection form the nursing home and conduct the funeral. We had no reason to doubt the wisdom of her choice during the whole process. Charlotte and her team were thoughtful, kind an compassionate form the start and Mum had the funeral she and we wanted.
I would highly recommend.

Charlotte Wilson says...

My father passed away on a Sunday morning. He had a policy with golden charter. Charlotte Graham was his chosen funeral director. I experienced bad service from the beginning. The initial phone call was very difficult. I’d just lost my father and had no idea what to do. I rang the number and found I had to repeat myself several times to the person who answered. I was told it would be an hour to hour an a half wait. 4 hours later they turned up in an estate car. . Then bringing my father downstairs to carry him away was beyond a joke. No dignity. My brother ended up having to help. I am not sure if the men knew exactly what they were doing. From there it was much the same bad service. I phoned on the Monday and explained I had no idea what to do next. All the lady was interested was in the policy number to get the finances over. I was told to ring later in the week when I knew what I was doing. I rang back later in the week only to have my call answered by Charlotte Graham’s daughter. Who had no idea what I was talking about and told me my father wasn’t there. So where was he I asked? No idea call back and speak to my mother I was told. So I ended up changing funeral director. No sympathy. No compassion and no dignity. From a funeral director I found this very distressing. So when I changed funeral directors Charlotte graham held my father hostage and his insurance oolicy until she was paid. Fair enough she had done some work, but the new funeral directors tried to work with her and were denied my fathers body until she received her money. Three attempts were made to collect my father by the new funeral director after them trying to work with her to resolve the payment without having to bother us. My family and myself found the whole experience very distressing. Such bad customer service I certainly would not recommend ever

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