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145 Farmer Road, E10 5DJ, Waltham Forest, London

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Greaves Funeral Services are a local funeral director in Waltham Forest, London. Providing traditional burial and cremation packages, Greaves Funeral Services. Greaves Funeral Services read the reviews left by their customers before making your final decision.

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Cynthia says...

With numerous Funeral Directors in the business, it was somewhat difficult and not an easy decision to entrust my late Brother to; to give him the respectful, decent send off that he deserved!

Well, Ian Greece's and his staff carried out a professional, dignified, honourable services for my brother and my family. Ian paid attention to every detail, and our requests and assisted with some personal touches, that you would definitely not receive from a high street Funeral Directors .

From the initial contact Ian Greaves spoke calmly, made us all feel at ease, listened to our requests, answered our questions and was extremely professional throughout.

Ian and his staff were fully dressed in smart suits, represented and honoured our wishes by wearing something 'blue' (My Brother was a avid Chelsea football supporter)

Ian promptly responded to emails, text messages and phone calls., and was always asking if we had any questions or if we were not happy with anything, but in all truthfulness, I cannot say or do anything accept praise, thank and commendate Ian Greaves Funeral Services for a successful day, that ran smoothly with no problems.

Thank you Ian, and I praise God for you, and wish you every success in your business.

God Bless You.

Excellent service



SharonC says...

Ian and his team are very professional, making sure everyone was fine and everything going to order. For a sad occasion it was a celebration of the person who had passed.

Ricardo says...

Greaves Services directed the funeral for my late father in November 2017, the day ran without a glitch they attended to every detail. And reacted professionally and calm throughout the whole day, My family couldn't ask for anymore thank you.




AnneF says...

I have attended 2 funerals conducted by Greaves and Co and am impressed by the professional approach and demeanour. Usually and uniquely he offers a catering package as well.

Ian is personable and accessible to all present. He makes the day as pleasant as possible considering the circumstances.

The reason for 4 stars at this time is because I know he will improve and surpassed all conventional expectations.

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