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Laithwaites are a local funeral director in Salford, Manchester. Providing traditional burial and cremation packages, Laithwaites. Laithwaites read the reviews left by their customers before making your final decision.

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Vincent Barrett says...

Absolutely appaling service from them... From the start they lied to us about collecting our mum's body from the morgue, and telling us we couldent view the body as there were other funerals first.
After two weeks when they finally picked up the body they measured the body wrong meaning we had to buy a new buriel plot, (this was only a few days before the funeral).
When they did get the body we were told IF we could view the body it would be restricted viewing because of time constraints.
Then the day before the funeral we were "strongly advised" not to view the body as "nature had gone too far" even though we had paid for the embalming service which was only carried out the day before (even though there was a month between mum passing away and the time of the funeral) which robbed us of our chance to say goodbye.
Because of this we coulden't bury mum in her own clothes which we had given them the week before
Despite the long time between start and finish they only got a coffin the day before the funeral, which left us worried we would have to cancel and we had to call them the day before the funeral because nobody had bothered to tell us what time the hearse and cars would be arriving at the house for the funeral.
Our insurance company also had issues with them causing the insurance company to put an official complaint in against them.
If i could rate them ZERO stars i would for all the pain and anguish they caused us

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