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40 Elliott St, M29 8JE, Tyldesley, Manchester

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Abbey Funeral Service

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Abbey Funeral Service are a local funeral director in Tyldesley, Manchester. Providing traditional burial and cremation packages, Abbey Funeral Service. Abbey Funeral Service read the reviews left by their customers before making your final decision.

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Mr Smith says...

I am 48 and have buried 4 members of my family in the last 4 years - we did not use Abbey but i mention it to evidence that I have experience of how funerals are run. At 3.5k a funeral it is clearly a money spinning profitable operation for 2 hours of their time. I attended a distant relatives funeral recently organised by Abbey (part of co-op funeral care). The family were struggling financially. I was disgusted by the organisation and lack of support to the grieving family - next of kin was a child. They just did not care. Whilst I accept that they probably requested no extras - surely it is the funeral directors ethical responsibility to ensure a smooth run of events given the difficult circumstances and the massive profits they take on other funerals. They could have been charitable and helped out a little. A funeral service with no compassion is not a worthy funeral business. They should be ashamed. Please please do not use them. A few extra pounds is worth it for a good send off.

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